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Flocare is a senior care business. It provides people the ability to book a consultation with Flo. Flo is a registered practical nurse that does private care, providing top quality at-home and virtual care. This website has given her the ability to scale her business and automate bookings.

Dogs and Darc

Dogs and Darc is a dog walking company.  Darcy Lassaline (the founder) is a teacher and professional dog care practitioner. He offers a wide range of dog care services from overnight stays to dog walking and more. This website has given him the opportunity to reach a wider audience and showcase his services. 

Tat Daddy Mitch

Tat Daddy Mitch is a professional Tattoo artist. He creates stunning art that (in my humble opinion) is the most-creative and thought provoking demonstrations of artistic capability. He has been tattooing for over 7 years and has evolved into a realm of stellar capability. His website is currently a work in progress but is soon to be launched. It is designed to showcase his portfolio and to scale his clothing brand to new heights. Stay tuned.


Xsanguine is a clothing brand. Xsanguine was built to demonstrate the struggle between hopelessness and hopefulness within the domain of streetwear. Shop now and use SANGUINE7 to get $5 off your first order.

Shroom Roast Co.

Shroom Roast Co. is a mushroom coffee brewery. They create a fine Arabica coffee that surprised me when I was told it had mushrooms in it. The coffee is blend with Lion’s Mane and Chaga to enhance cognitive function which has helped me increase my productivity and focus. I am currently building them the website and will be excited to announce the release. Stay tuned…


Sanguine X is an experimental development. It is a React app that utilizes ThreeJs and ChatGPT to create a 3D t-shirt mockup. You can upload an image and choose to display it as a logo or choose to have the image wrap the entire t-shirt. The choice is yours…